Green Initiatives

MBM will work with you to integrate new technology into your current business systems to help reduce your paper and energy usage. From Document Management systems that allow you to convert your paper documents to electronic files, to electronic forms that eliminate print waste, to a Managed Print Services program that helps you use your printers and multifunction devices more efficiently, MBM solutions and green initiatives will start you on your way to a more sustainable office environment.

MBM’s Green Warehouse

Green Initiatives - the green warehouse houses recycled machines.Have you ever wondered what happens to your copiers and printers when you replace them? When MBM receives a machine at the end of its lease or as a trade in it ends up in our Green Warehouse. After the hard drive and any optional memory is cleared, each machine is evaluated for reconditioning and resale. If a machine is not a candidate for reconditioning, the salvageable parts are removed and used to repair other machines. The remains are sent to a contractor who de-manufactures and recycles the separated materials.

Copiers and printers contain thousands of parts, some of which are consumable – just like the tires on your car. When a consumable part wears out it is replaced with a brand new part. Aside from consumable parts, the vast majority of parts never need replacing and last for the life of the machine. However, parts do fail on occasion. When this happens, a salvaged part can be used to repair the machine without compromising its performance.

By using salvaged parts MBM has been able to greatly reduce the amount of down time our customers experience. Because parts are on-hand instead of needing to be ordered and shipped, our technicians can usually get them on the same day they need them. This means your machine will be fixed in hours not days!