Johnsonville Logo - Print Optimization

The Past

Brats2Johnsonville is a large company spread throughout multiple facilities in Wisconsin, Illinois and Kansas and they are still growing. They realized the need to consolidate their equipment and get their printing costs under control and engaged MBM to help streamline their print environment. MBM’s print professionals spent time getting to know the Johnsonville organization and their business goals and made some recommendations for print optimization saving them $9,840 per year. In 2006, when Johnsonville built their new headquarters building, MBM helped to plan their device placement to ensure maximum efficiency.

The Present

MBM Is the vendor of choice nationwide to manage Johnsonville’s fleet which produces a monthly volume of 400,000 images. We recently implemented a new solution to streamline the invoicing process within the organization. Previously, invoices were received via fax or email. Each invoice needed to be manually opened and printed so it could be processed and filed. By setting up a workflow management solution MBM was able to route all invoices to one inbox, open them and print them without a single human interaction. Additionally, a mobile printing solution was implemented allowing visitors to print to machines in the Johnsonville facilities from their computers, tablets and mobile devices.

The Future

Because of our close working relationship and regular updates, other areas have been identified within Johnsonville for MBM to address. One example is the usage of color printing within the organization. Of the 400,000 impressions each month, 147,000 of them are color prints – many of which could be black only (such as emails). By making adjustments to the setting on the machines and better educating users, MBM will be able to save Johnsonville even more money on their printing.

Download Johnsonville Case Study (449K PDF)