Automated Data Capture

Looking for a way to manage the mountains of documents in your work area? MBM will create a document control system specific to your organization’s needs. We’ll equip you with the right machines and workflow processes, offer full support in implementing them, and provide ongoing guidance as your business becomes more efficient.

The core elements of our document management solutions are document capture and document routing. With these processes in place, your organization will be well-positioned to reach new heights of productivity.

Document Control Starts with Data Capture

Automated data capture is the process of converting paper-based documents to electronic documents. Effective content management systems allow for fast, simple, high-quality capture of paper documents and their conversion to electronic images.

With the help of our technology partners, MBM will jump start the document capture process by collecting your existing documents and forms and transforming them into accurate, retrievable electronic information. This data can then be delivered to all your relevant business applications and databases.

Document Routing for Ongoing Document Management

Document routing involves the direct delivery of electronic documents, creating a superior workflow within your organization. MBM offers multifunction systems that can handle document routing right out of the box, with minimal configuration needed. The most common electronic document destinations are:

  • Network folders
  • Email addresses
  • Web folders
  • Databases
  • Accounting systems
  • CRM/ERP systems

Making your documents easily accessible in key locations will have an immediate, positive impact on your organization’s workflow.