Managed Print Services

Your business’ success depends on your ability to manage growing volumes of information while controlling costs. MBM’s Managed Print Services is about streamlining your print environment and helping you significantly lower costs while increasing profitability and efficiency.

As a part of our MBM360 process, our experienced print professionals will spend time with you to gain an understanding of your business goals. We’ll help you create a plan as well as goals specific to your printing needs. Together, we’ll implement your new goals to help you optimize your printer fleet and your business processes. You’ll reduce costs, gain efficiency and take control of your printing!

The Benefits of an MPS Program

Asset Management – Managing your print assets is the first step in managing costs and improving productivity. We’ll help you get the right equipment in the right places within your organization. Then we’ll regularly service your equipment helping you avoid costly downtime and surprise purchases. We’ll also help you develop a replacement strategy to keep your technology current so you can focus on your core business.

Color Strategy – Printing a document in color can cost five to seven times as much as printing it in black and white. A Managed Print Services program will optimize your print environment to make sure that your investment in color printing capabilities is producing the impact and value you need.

Mobile Print – Easily print from your iPad, tablet, or other mobile device with Mobile Print. We’ll help you configure your devices so your employees and guests will be able to print where and when they need to. Learn more about Mobile Print.

Security – Your employees will be able to print confidential documents to any device within your organization by signing in to the printer. Simply send your document to the queue where it stays secure until you release it from any printer on your network. Devices can be fully integrated with Active Directory and documents can be released in a variety of ways such as scanning a security badge, entering a code or using a biometric reader. See how enabling Secure Printing helped U.S. Venture.