Mobile Electronic Forms

In today’s lean environment businesses are always looking to reduce costs. Implementing electronic forms is a great way to do so. MBM’s mobile electronic forms eliminate manual procedures and provide electronic distribution and archiving of documents that will streamline any process and help reduce your print budget and your impact on the environment. And because they are easy to edit, customize, and share, mobile forms can give you an edge in your marketing efforts while making your business more efficient.

Targeted Marketing

Having your forms in an electronic format allows you to add your logo and customize your documents for each customer, and web forms can be created to integrate with your existing company website. You can generate marketing plans and invoices that are specific to your clients’ needs, giving a personalized service they’ll appreciate. And you can promote your own services and products by adding timely announcements to your forms.

Efficiency through Workflow Automation

Electronic forms can be sent directly to an email address, network folder, or document archive, so  multiple users can have immediate access to the information when they need it. They also allow you to capture data quickly and easily on your smartphone or tablet, and input the data directly, eliminating duplicate data entry.

See how MBM helped Great Northern Corporation reduce cost, drive efficiency, and help the environment with an electronic invoicing solution.