Mobile and Secure Print

Your business success depends on your ability to manage growing volumes of information while controlling costs. MBM’s Mobile and Secure Print Services are all about streamlining your print environment to give you the most user-friendly and safe solutions possible.

As a part of our MBM360 process, our experienced print professionals will spend time with you to gain an understanding of your business goals. Then, we’ll help you create a plan as well as goals specific to your organizational printing needs. Together, we’ll implement your new goals to help your visitors and employees print when and where they need to without jeopardizing the security of your documents or your network.

Mobile Printing

Your office is a busy place. Corporate guests and suppliers are constantly coming and going, your employees are attending meetings in different departments and offices or working from home. The ability to print quickly and securely from smartphones, tablets and laptops without having to configure and connect to networks is required.

Mobile Printing makes it easy to print from tablets and mobile devices to your corporate printers without having to connect to your secure network or download drivers. We’ll help you configure your devices so your employees and guest will be able to print when and where they need to.

Follow Me Print

Your employees will enjoy the ability to print confidential documents to any device within your organization by signing in to the printer. Simply send a document to the queue where it stays secure until you release it from any printer on your network. Devices can be fully integrated with Active Directory and documents can be released in a variety of ways such as scanning a security badge, entering a code or using a biometric reader.

You’ll enjoy the reduced burden on your IT staff due to fewer desktop printers in the areas of your company that deal with sensitive information like HR and Accounting. You’ll also be able to track print usage and see how much is being printed at each device and who is printing it.

See how MBM’s mobile and secure print solutions helped U.S. Venture streamline their print environment saving them thousands of dollars.