Workflow Solutions

Streamlined, automated workflows are the key to an efficient and effective office. MBM’s Solutions Group will help your business understand your document flows and provide direction on leveraging new technology to streamline the flow of information through your processes. From person to person and department to department, the Solutions Group will perform an unbiased document workflow analysis, then create a strategic plan to address your short- and long-term needs helping you maximize productivity, save time and reduce costs.

Automated Workflows

MBM’s automated workflows focus on document capture and routing to automate manual processes and eliminate duplication of data entry. These integrated solutions reduce steps, and the associated costs, by leveraging existing databases. Rules-based actions automatically route information, notify stakeholders, file documents, and trigger other actions.

Whether your business needs require simple integration with your existing ERP or a complete redesign to support new and rapidly changing customer demands, MBM can help.

Our Methodology

Our proven four-step process leads to comprehensive and complete solutions for your organization. We’ll work with you to clearly define your business goals and objectives allowing us to create workflows that are a perfect fit for your organization.

Initial Discovery — We’ll review your current business goals, needs, and processes to determine if a technology-based solution can assist your organization. Then, we’ll outline the information and personnel needed for the detailed discovery.

Detailed Discovery — We’ll conduct an in depth review of critical business processes and identify the areas of your company that will be affected by the workflow changes. Together we’ll determine the initial phases and scope of the project, reach agreement on the costs associates with your current state, and agree upon a solution framework.

Workflow Analysis and Solution Review — We’ll meet with process owners to diagnose and map out the current situation and explore new processes that resolve the identified needs.

Final Review — Review the system and configuration design as described in the statement of work and discuss project timeline and implementation.