The Challenge

US Venture Secure Print case studyU.S. Venture has a history of finding unconventional solutions for its customers within the markets it serves. They also look for unconventional solutions from their business partners in order to retain their leadership position. And for office technology and efficiency, they needed to look no further than MBM and our secure print options.

As U.S. Venture was planning the move to a new headquarters facility, it became apparent that U.S. Venture could potentially eliminate a number of personal printers that managers were using for the purposes of printing sensitive documents, including performance reviews and financial statements. When Chief Information Officer Mark Duening approached MBM with this challenge he expressed his concern that although he wanted to eliminate the expense of these printers, he didn’t want to do it at the expense of employees’ convenience. In addition to reducing costs, the company also had a desire to create a more cross-functional and collaborative environment within their new facility. To do that, they knew they would need to create an environment that promoted efficiency even when employees weren’t working in their regular work spaces.

The Solution

Constructing a state-of-the-art headquarters facility and merging several business divisions into a  new location would make many companies stave off any additional changes. But that’s not how U.S. Venture operates. Instead these changes only served as a catalyst.

With six existing multi-functional devices on their way to their new destination, MBM implemented a secure print solution for U.S. Venture that allows employees to swipe their employee ID card at whatever printer is most convenient to them, thus releasing the print job from its queue and retrieve the document immediately, providing the utmost in both security and convenience.

Because all U. S. Venture employees have their own employee ID card, the secure print solution also provided U. S. Venture with powerful information gathering relative to the company’s document printing demands to help them make better business decisions going forward. The functionality allows U. S. venture to track individual print volumes and peak usage times. Additionally, the company has the ability to establish ‘rules-based printing’ for each of their devices. User are prompted with a message indicating that based on their document’s properties, the system is routing it to a device that is more economical.

The Results

The secure print solution resulted in the removal of almost thirty personal printers, saving the company thousands of dollars in supply costs and maintenance. But it is the added flexibility that employees have of being able to manage their print jobs more efficiently — printing when and where it makes sense that really demonstrates the solution’s value. Even years after their new headquarters has been completed, U. S. Venture continues to receive accolades for meeting the needs of employees, satisfying Gold LEED standards, and reflecting an environmentally focused culture in their building project. MBM’s secure print solution provides yet another inspiring example that even small innovations can make a big difference.

Download U.S. Venture Case Study (799K PDF)