Making Ideas Work

Businesses are challenged on a regular basis with taking an idea and putting it down on paper in a way that conveys the message to prospective customers. That is part of making an idea work. Anyone can put a message down on paper. Average is not a hard level to reach. Special people think outside the box…they dig deep into what it will take to make the idea work.

MBM has been helping businesses make ideas work for 60 years. We help our customers’ ideas extend beyond the normal reach by leveraging decades of experience and depth of product suite to capture and publish the ideas to help them reap the rewards of their innovation. MBM offers a wide variety of digital print and workflow solutions that create the vehicle to deliver your ideas so they can go to work for your business.MBM360 Methodology Wheel

MBM360 … It’s How We Do Business

MBM360 is a free assessment of your current document management strategy. It will help you better understand your existing technology and workflow processes, usage patterns, and all related costs. In short, it measures the core areas required to achieve true workflow optimization.
Upon completion you will receive a comprehensive snapshot, providing clear visibility into your company’s core business areas. Integrated reporting tools deliver concrete, actionable guidelines for complete alignment between your technology and business process initiatives.

How We Do It

Understand Your Corporate Culture

We’ll take an in-depth look at the key factors of your corporate culture and make sure strategies align to specific business objectives.

Inventory Technology

A snapshot of your current environment including the identification of underutilized, obsolete, and redundant resources.

Analyze Usage

We’ll capture usage data for all devices and assets using our diagnostic application.

Capture Costs

We’ll show you the total cost of ownership with an in-depth review of both direct and indirect costs associated with your technology as well as ongoing maintenance.

Review Workflow

We’ll give you a blueprint of how your information flows and identify any bottlenecks or inefficiencies.

Examine Process

A thorough examination of administrative functions including procurement and internal IT processes.

Study Sustainability

Sustainable working practices help companies become more environmentally friendly by lowering energy consumption and CO2 output and emissions, reducing paper waste, using less consumables and remaining energy conscious.

Why We Do It

Each recommendation is designed to deliver concrete, actionable guidelines that bring disciplined benefits to support your objectives. MBM360 provides clear visibility into your technology and workflows so you can make improvements to your business-critical systems that improve your bottom line. We’ll serve as your trusted adviser, helping you eliminate security risks and continuously evaluating your infrastructure to accommodate changes.

The Methodology

Our experienced consultants utilize a multi-source approach to build a complete picture of your current infrastructure – making it easy for you to clearly see what is needed.


We’ll define your company culture and business objectives to stay in line with your organizational goals.


We’ll measure your entire technology inventory to determine your asset usage and better understand your current print environment.


Next, we’ll determine the total cost of ownership of your fleet and break down internal information processes to discover hidden, unnecessary costs.


We’ll help you implement an enterprise-wide solution aimed at reducing operations costs by integrating updated technology solutions that will save your organization money.


Finally, we’ll conduct quarterly account reviews to ensure our MBM360 plan remains flexible and adapts to your business needs.